The Basics

Our family relocated to Issaquah in 1994, having grown up third generation Californians. We moved to Issaquah when we recognized the incredible quality of life this area has to offer. Being "west coasters", we were already in sync with the lifestyle and way of thinking that is Seattle. We still feel this is about the best place to live anywhere. We love our community, our back yard looks like a national park, and the people here are warm, friendly, and open-minded.

Community Involvement

I have been actively involved in our public school system, having volunteered extensively for years, as PTA President for two years at Issaquah Valley Elementary, chairing the Variety Show numerous times at IVE, heading this or that committee, and having a part in so many things, along with so many other active parents, that have helped in some small way to shape our school district.

Besides the school involvement, I have also spent many hours working at the Issaquah Food Bank and years at the Village Theater as a community volunteer.

As a strong art supporter, I also served two years as board President for artEAST, a local non-profit organization that was organized to promote the arts in our community. 

In my free time... 

Rich and I are avid sailors, having sailed together since our early 20's. The Salish Sea is an amazing place to be a boat owner. The sailing is excellent on the Sound, with scores of little harbors and bays to drop anchor in and spend a peaceful evening. If you're into power boats or fishing, lakes abound, as well. And the San Juans are only several hours away, depending on if you're sailing or motoring, of course!
We moved to the Seattle area for the quality of life and have never regretted it for one second! We truly treasure the entire region and love our town and surrounding community.  Rich and I both feel privileged to be a small part of it !